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Image by Adrian Dascal

Our story

About Midnight Phase


We have always been passionate about being authentically yourself, no matter how much of a weirdo you may be. We think people should be able to express and love themselves the way they see fit.

Frequently, this is harder for men because of being raised a certain way or societal norms.

 We have lost far too many great people due to the stigma of seeking help with mental help when it is needed. It is not attention seeking. It does not make you weak in any way.

We aim to give a portion of our profits back to programs that help single fathers and men needing help with mental health services.

Our brand is about embracing each soul for who they truly are and to try to make a small difference.

Yes, there are a lot of people who sell items or artwork that are similar but we are busy trying to change the world, one person at a time, to worry about what everyone else is doing.

We thank you for supporting all of our programs and shopping at our small business. #MidnightPhase #MMHM #FlawedbutStillWorthy



We are excited to create Midnight Phase, it will be the intermixture of our passions. Mostly Cars, Guns and various forms of Art will be our niche but from time to time we may showcase other interests. 


Thanks to our innovative and service-oriented approach, our previous brand was a success and we are positive that Midnight Phase will be as well. We have been in the automotive world for nearly 20 years and our passions are as strong as ever before.

 Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance with custom orders!

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